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Tim Ronan is an accomplished musician and guitarist. Born and raised in a farming community in rural Southern Ontario, Tim has been exposed to the joy and transformative power of music from a very young age, and his earliest work is riddled with the hums of his Irish ancestry. Tim’s passion for music began in his childhood, experimenting with a plethora of instruments (even the bagpipes!) and his professionalism has developed as he became a renowned community artist, cherished for the heart and soul that he pours into every song and every show. The incarnation of Tim’s music is traced back to his very own heart; his solo writing process begins with a simple guitar riff or the epiphany of a melody, and Tim lyrically captures a reel of his own life experiences, in the hopes of reaching into the hearts and minds of his incredible audience.

FEB 24th NORTH COUNTRY in Barrrie 9PM-1130PM


Album Artwork by Liam Ronan:

© 2022 by TIM RONAN.

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